Professional photography is an investment. We will capture moments in time that we will never get back, yet we can relive over and over again.

Life is a story and moves quickly – babies become toddlers, toddlers become snaggle-toothed grade schoolers. Middle school starts, then ends just as quickly as it began. Then comes high school. Senior year and graduation are here in the blink of an eye. We typically live in the ‘now’ moments – moments in time that seem like they’ll never change and will last forever. Look back at an old photo. You can remember details of that moment – what you were feeling, sounds, smells, emotions. Now it’s just a memory that thankfully was captured and can help you tell the story of your life. Let’s document the story of your life!


It all starts with your portrait session. Sessions are on-location for couples, families, and high school seniors.

Prints and More

Digital files are great, but we offer many other ways of showing off your beautiful portraits.

A Day in the Life

Not all moments are scripted or posed. Capture them all as they happen with a Day in the Life session.